the national lending plan. This also applied to the lending activities commissioned by the state as part of the state s financial assistance. In 1974, the Minister of Finance outlined the scope, principles and directions for all types of banking activities tailored by Bank Rolny. The Central Association s role was limited to intermediacy in banking issues between cooperatives, the Ministry of Finance and the state banking and lending system69.

Transformation of Bank Rolny

At the beginning of 1970, more changes were made to the organization of the Polish banking system. As of 1 January 1970, Bank Inwestycyjny was shut down, and since that moment Bank Rolny became an industry bank for agriculture and forestry. Its duties included provision of comprehensive lending services to those branches of economy, in the area of investments as well as ongoing operations70. Bank Rolny s operations were terminated in 1975. As a result of implementation of new banking law, it was transformed into Bank Gospodarki Żywnościowej.

Mirosław Kłusek

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