dealing with the matters of voivodship branches and cooperative banks. In the organiza- tion of the Head Office the bank s audit services were concentrated. In parallel with the tasks associated with the reform of BGŻ, change of the nature of its work and increase of its tasks, a lot of effort was put into ensuring that the bank s substantive tasks are performed. Especially as regards its cooperation in intensification of production and transformations in agriculture, improvement of efficiency of manage- ment of industrial, construction, agricultural and forest enterprises, strengthening of the discipline in execution of the investment plan, settlements etc., efficient discharge of the function of a central association for BS, and improvement of the bank s organization and work methods76.

The services for social economy entities and supervision over the activity of BS were concentrated in BGŻ s voivodship branches. The key tasks of cooperative banks, in turn, included: handling financial dealings of rural communities and financing and sale of state-owned farming properties. Also the structure of the sources of financing for BGŻ s lending activity changed. Deficit of funds was covered by an increased refinancing loan from the National Bank of Poland (NBP)77.

Financial and credit services for state and cooperative entities

In mid-1970s, the management of State-owned Agricultural Production Enterprises (PPGR) changed. Also BGŻ adapted to these changes. The bank paid special attention to rational use of land, quick launch of production on the land taken over by PPGR, improve- ment of the efficiency of the use of current and non-current assets, full execution of the production tasks set for enterprises and associations, and the correctness of the invest- ment process78.

Social and educational activity

At the initial phase of its existence BGŻ s activities were not limited only to banking. The bank also supported social and educational activity. In 1975 1979, in cooperative banks there were 1,425 Women s Work Teams and 522 Youths Work Teams, often cooperating with other cooperatives active in the rural areas. These teams organized competitions, lectures, discussions, presentations etc. Youths Work Teams, together with People s Sports Teams, organized sports, cultural and educational events, tourism knowledge and bank knowledge competitions. At the time BGŻ was also involved in supervision over

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