Why did you decide to step down?

First, I had heard that the Dutch intended to sell the Bank while for 10 years I had per- suaded employees and customers that we had a long-term investor. I deemed that I would be not be credible if I were to contend that now our investor would be even better. Naturally, I do not have anything against the current investor. I consider it to be a very reputable and professional bank. To recapitulate, I arrived at the conclusion that the mission I had undertaken had come to an end. A period of nearly 12 years is truly a suf- ficiently lengthy period for a manager to orchestrate change. However, when I ran into Mr. Jean Lemierre at a conference in Brussels it was very nice for me to hear him say after we had talked for some time that it was a shame that I had stepped down. I would like to extend my best wishes for success to all my friends at Bank BGŻ BNP Paribas, for this Bank to move forward swiftly and become a leading bank in Poland.