Call Centres

Apart from day-to-day activities and access to core Bank services, SME clients enjoy access to the Customer Service Centre, a dedicated remote unit available to provide sup- port in their dealings with the Bank. The current plan is that the Bank s remote units will provide two levels of support. The first level will involve generic support through a stan- dard call centre available to all customers retail, micro-business, private banking, SME and corporate focusing on a standard offering and standard defined cases. The second line of support will be based on a remote unit managed by the Corporate Banking divi- sion, which will be geared to providing assistance with specialist services and bespoke products.

E-Banking and Modern Access Channels

BGŻ BNP Paribas intends to further improve its e-banking services by offering steadily improving tools. The main area of focus here is the continuous improvement of transac- tional banking tools and interface, plus the further development of single-sign-on solu- tions for transactional banking, treasury and factoring platforms, along with the other services provided. The Bank s client-centric approach and sharp focus on the user experience are also leading to the development of new access channels such as mobile banking and mobile tools.

A Wide Variety of Products

Banking products, especially those dedicated to F&A clients, are tailored to the client s specifics, based on the Bank s in-depth market knowledge and experience of the Food & Agri sector, all of which feed into the offer made to the client. The Bank s product portfolio comprises: a wide variety of transactional banking products ranging from a basic account to account packages and advanced cash management solutions, short-term financing products designed according to the specific features of the cli- ent s business, e.g. plain vanilla working capital loans, overdrafts, overdrafts secured by mortgages (for farmers), factoring, revolving facilities and trade finance solutions, long-term investment products, including leasing, standard capital investment loans, project financing with loans supported by ARMA or the EU, plus special-purpose loans such as for renewable energy installations or the purchase of agricultural land, deposits, with attractive terms designed to ensure inter alia a positive long-term impact on the Bank s liquidity position, insurance policies for farmers designed to minimise the real risks in agriculture: this is based on a proven model whereby the Bank acts as insurance broker, treasury: a wide range of products, including FX Spot transactions, currency exchange, interest rate swaps and commodity hedging products.

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