When Poland regained its economic freedoms in the 1990s, the country s economy grew at an exceptional pace. Year after year, the market developed at an increasing rate, the economic outlook was excellent and sentiment among businesses highly optimistic. Meanwhile, in the search for new customers, companies from Western Europe also set out to tap into the potential of the Polish market by opening branches in Poland.

At that time, long-term vehicle rental was an unknown concept in Poland. The market was in need of education and required a brave pioneer to launch Car Fleet Management (CFM) services in the country. Arval proved to be just such an initiator when it opened the Arval Polska branch in October 1999. Initially, the company consisted of just a few people whose hard work contributed to its first successes. Then, in 2000, Arval Polska signed its first major contract for the hire of several hundred vehicles. Further achievements followed. As customers expectations rose, Arval Polska gradually added subsequent products and services such as motor insurance and fuel cards to its basic service of financing customers vehicle fleets and their maintenance.

In 2005, Arval Polska became the initiator and one of the founders of the Polish Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (PVRLA), and has had a representative on the PVRLA board since the very beginning. Currently, 16 long-term rental companies belong to the Associa- tion, whose key task is to shape and influence the development of the vehicle rental & leasing sector and fleet management.

Looking beyond its impressive organic growth, Arval Polska decided to expand by acquiring contract portfolios from smaller companies. Following this pattern, the company acquired fleets from Daimler Fleet Management Polska in 2010 and Hertz Lease in 2014.

Arval essentially created and shaped the Polish fleet management market, paving the way for similar companies which, encouraged by the pioneer s success, soon opened branches in Poland. With a fleet of 16,000-plus vehicles under management, Arval today ranks second among full-service leasing firms or those offering long-term vehicle rental with a full option.

Arval Polska CEO Grzegorz Szymański described the situation as follows: Arval Polska currently serves over 650 customers. Most of our customers are in the telecom and IT services, FMCG, tobacco and pharmaceuticals sectors. Our portfolio is dominated by international companies large corporations that use a number of fleets for their busi- ness. However, we also offer services to small and medium-sized firms. Arval serves every customer with the utmost attention, regardless of their fleet size or business model. We know from our customers that companies decide to cooperate with Arval Polska due to our active approach, innovative services and in-depth analysis of customer needs, which allows us to significantly reduce fleet-related costs.

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