BGZ Class

The BGZ BNP Paribas Foundation project BGZ Class implemented by BGZ Bank in 2003 is a very unique nationwide educational program which offers support to tal- ented graduates from secondary schools coming from small towns and villages all over Poland. Graduates who are very well educated and have a strong motivation to con- tinue to grow despite their difficult financial and social situation. BGZ Class is not just full three years funding of education, room and board but also upbringing care provided by schools in which the project operates.

The BGZ BNP Paribas Foundation cooperates with 5 prestigious high schools in Poland. The first BGZ Class was formed in Warsaw, which quickly followed by other schools in: Wrocław, Kraków, Gdynia and Szczecin. Studying in one of the best high schools gives our scholars access to knowledge at the highest level. Each participant leaves school with great results and gets to the dreamed universities.

During 13 years of BGZ Class, our Foundation has given a chance to more than 600 students from 300 cities all over Poland. Success of our students and their socially engaged attitudes make our program recognized also by the society and local com- munities of our students.

In 2010 the Minister of Education starts to patron the project and in 2011 the BGZ Foundation was awarded by the same Minister the honourable title of Place Discov- ering Talents . While celebrating its 10th anniversary, the BGZ Class program won the competition Good Scholarships 2012 .

BGZ Class is a good start to adulthood. Financial stability at such a young age helps the scholars to focus on developing their passions, friendships that are formed in high school last for life. BGZ Class is power of its participants by helping others while being involved in the You can count on me voluntary program they gain social compe- tences and learn that they have power to help someone else.

The Foundation cherish the scholars, both while learning in high school and also in the first years of study, awarding bridge scholarships. It also grant awards for most socially engaged students that are members of the Association of BGZ Class Graduates.

The BGZ Class is continued in the new BGZ BNP Paribas Bank under the name Class .