Państwowy Bank Rolny (1919 1949)

Establishment of Państwowy Bank Rolny

The beginnings of Państwowy Bank Rolny [State-Owned Agricultural Bank] are associ- ated with a decree of the Chief of State of 5 February 1919, which gave it the name Polski Państwowy Bank Rolny and laid down its articles of association22. The duties of the bank outlined in the articles of association followed from the government s concept of the agricultural policy at the time. The bank s most important tasks included: granting long-term amortization loans for purchase of land from private parceling out carried out by land estate owners or by social organizations, parceling out of state-owned land and settlement activity on own account, and funding of irrigation. These tasks were to be funded from the bank s mortgage bonds23.

However the bank, reporting at the time to the Ministry of Agriculture and State Assets (MRiDP), did not launch its activities. In connection with the decision made by the Sejm s Agricultural Commission and the Sejm Plenum regarding the necessity to carry out a broad agricultural reform based on mandatory buy-out of large agricultural estates, it was decided to add a new dimension to the bank and tie it closely to the activity of the

22. Decree of the Chief of State of 5 February 1919 on the articles of association of Państwowy Bank Rolny. Journal of Laws of the Polish State, No. 12, Item 134.

23. More about the activities of Państwowy Bank Rolny in: M. Kłusek, Państwowy Bank Rolny in 1919 1949. Historical and legal study, Warsaw 2013.



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